Workshops, Roundtables, Webinars & Panel Discussions

We design and deliver meaningful programs with validated and pinpointed takeaways!  Programs engage globally respected experts and precisely checkpoint attainment of training goals! Consider assessment for training needs analysis to streamline and validate learning. Certification programs available. Contact us for more info. 


Customized agenda in 1-3 hour sessions at client site. Emphasis is on immediate kinesthetic application of learned content to ensure takeaways and new workplace toolsets.  HRS workshops are rich with interaction and validated deliverables. 


A roundtable is only as good as the contributions of the participants and the strength of kinesthetic learning.  Accordingly, HRS facilitates and trains participants in Gestalt protocol, roundtable rules and strategies for population. 

Panel Discussions

HRS hosts, sponsors and presides on expert panel discussions for top-ranked academic institutions, professional associations and employers of choice.    

Ask us about our programs with top-ranked universities!



For those clients who find it more convenient, HRS delivers interactive workshops via webinar.  These programs offer the kinesthetic reach interaction and immediate Q&A deliverable for which we are applauded!


Agenda Highlights

Leader Development

Transactional vs Transformational Leadership; The Performance Appraisal Cycle; Surprise-Free Reviews; Documentation for Legal Risk Management; Management vs. Coaching; Time Management & Workflow Prioritization; Leadership Styles & Tactics; Identifying, Creating & Sustaining Employee Motivation; 360 Degree Feedback Success & Pitfalls; Customer Service Management; Train the Trainer; Creating Sustainability...and Letting Go; Blanchard's Situational Leadership II.

Organizational Communications

Effective Meetings & Gestalt Protocol; Customer Service, External & Internal; Teambuilding; Social Media; Handling Difficult Personalities; Conflict and its Resolution Modes; Learning Styles & Memory; Six Hats of Thinking; Negotiation & Persuasion; Understanding Hierarchy & Communication Flow.

Preparing for Change

Affordable Care Act; Bridging the Skills Gap; Understanding Employee Trust & the 5 Recent Global Impacts; 4 Generations in the Workplace; Motivating Millennials; Diversity/Multi-Cultural Workplace Training; Right-Sizing, Mergers & Acquisitions; Appreciative Inquiry.

HR/OD Design & Implementation

Avoiding Unlawful Harassment & Diversity Training; Best Practices HR Training; HRCI Preparation; Employee Magnets & Motivators; Social Media Policies that Work; Building an Employee Handbook; Health Care Cost Cutting; Legal Compliance; Behavioral Assessment; Exit Interviews; Safety; Benefits; Job Analysis/Descriptions; Human Capital Theories; Employer Branding; the Future of HR & OD.