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2019 Training Video from Emmy-Winning Affirmative Defense Team

Employees and managers alike are loving this training video! Beyond safeguarding the company against 6+ figure legal threats, this video kickstarts unlimited workplace upside for all!  Preserving the productive side of workplace humor, this breakthrough solution builds respect, communication, problem solving, conflict handling, productivity, time management, empathy and so much more. We address Sexual, Racial, Age, Gender-Based, Religious, Military, Medical, 3rd Party, Environmental and All Updated Forms of Harassment. Developed by longstanding top experts with top-tier production by a 4-time Emmy-winner, this isn't your typical checkbox video. Affirmative defense narration from rare experts in an approachable "drop by our discussion" format is combined with professional actor vignettes of humor and depictions of common yet less obvious forms of harassment. Training kit includes video licensing, takeaway handouts with updated definitions of all protected classes, rights and responsibilities for employees and managers, investigation blueprint, how to handle findings, sample policy, FAQs and affirmative defense certification. Our 35 years as Anti-Harassment experts is showcased in this easy-to-consume and meaningful improvement catalyst and compliance tool, and it's only 26 minutes.  

...Engaging, very entertaining and educational... I was honestly, pleasantly surprised how well it was done! I learned... NRC learns very deeply about particular topics, and that's what Jess and her team have done! Jess and Matt have done a great job making this very easy to consume and understand. Any company could really benefit from a video like this..." – Mark Grosskopf, CEO, New Resources Companies

"It is a great production... it's not just focused on sexual harassment...great job of taking complicated legal concepts and making them easily understood. Based on my experience counseling all sorts of employers big and small, the video would be very important for any organization to watch and to provide to their employees. Showing this video to employees before complaints happen would be very helpful to an organization should they have to defend themselves in court..." – Emery Harlan, Employment Attorney, Partner MWH Law Group


"Harassment is a precipitating factor for crisis moments...What’s so powerful about the HRS video is that it aligns so well with the values that we have here at CPI....we fundamentally believe that every human has an intrinsic dignity no matter how vulnerable they are... This video is an applicable 'stay-with-you' type content and distribution. Approachability is endemic within the video that HRS put together. I loved it! They take it to a new whole level.This video hits it out of the park!"– Tony Jace, CEO, Crisis Prevention Institute

"...A must-have for any employer... easy-to-follow bullet points to educate employers on the legal and practical definitions of harassment...outlines the steps required by the EEOC for an employer to avoid liability for workplace harassment. Employers are reminded that while they are not responsible for controlling human behavior, they are responsible for taking steps to prevent, investigate and correct harassing behavior. The training is condensed to a perfect length and remains engaging throughout. I highly recommend this video! These scenarios will help employees develop awareness for their own behavior..." - Jared Coleman, San Diego Deputy District Attorney

Updated for currently trending complaints, case precedents and definitions, this training video balances a perfect mix of humor, gravitas, sensitivity and professional intelligence to demonstrate how to avoid common and not-so-common harassment in all of its forms... racial, sexual, religious, gender-related, medical/disability, military, age, family status and so much more. View more testimonials, red carpet reveal footage, trailers, bloopers and more at YouTube or Vimeo. Scroll further down for purchase and more info links.

No matter the size or type of workplace, this 26-minute video can help you build a magnetic high-functioning workplace, prevent lawsuits and protect you in court. Gannett/USA Today News. You’ve NEVER seen anti-harassment training like this!

  • Anti-Harassment Training is Now a Legal Protection MUST, Required by More and More States
  • Tackle Updated Case Law and Statutory Definitions of Unlawful Harassment, Including Newly Protected Classes
  • Our Affirmative Defense & Reasonable Care Certification Video is Masterfully Produced by 4-Time Emmy-Winner, Mark Concannon
  • Each DVD or Digital Purchase Provides Workplace License and Instructional Kit
  • Streaming, Post-Test, Live Training, Expanded/Escalated Coaching and/or Investigation/Mediation Services are Available
  • Balance Needs of C-Suite, HR, Leaders and Employees with a Streamlined 25-Minute Video
  • Customization and Cultural Integration are Available Options, Including OnScreen Introduction and Exit Messages from Your Company's CEO and/or Anti-Harassment Officer
  • The Video is an Incredibly Cost-Effective Solution

Why This Video? Meticulously curated from our 35 years’ highly successfully live anti-harassment training, we deployed 26-minutes to tackle the most meaningful, thought provoking, memorable, kinesthetic and counter-intuitive messages for both employees and managers. Our “drop in on discussion with the experts” has proven uniquely engaging, approachable and meaningful. The updated content satisfies court requirements for 2019. Energized vignettes keep the employees understanding, applying, appreciating and remembering.

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