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"Don't Be That Guy," "Don't Be Her, Either," "I'm Not a Slug" and so many more workplace catchphrases have erupted from this groundbreaking video. Every company needs to incorporate this video into the anti-harassment arsenal. If you're not ahead of this message, you're at extreme disadvantage. Updated for currently trending complaints, case precedents and definitions, this training video is quickly being swept into pop culture and is enjoying high praise from employees and employers alike. It’s no secret that a single incident can fine your company $50,000 and spiral upward. It's equally evident that workplace harassment deteriorates productivity and engagement fast. That’s why a small investment in our training video Workplace Harassment, Avoidance and Solutions is the best money you and your company can ever spend.

"This video is engaging, very entertaining and educational. My company could really benefit from a video like this." – Mark Grosskopf, CEO, New Resources Companies

"This video would be very helpful to an organization should they have to defend themselves in court." – Emery Harlan, Employment Attorney, Partner MWH Law Group

"I loved it! This video hits it out of the park!" – Tony Jace, CEO, Crisis Prevention Institute

"These scenarios will help employees develop awareness for their own behavior... The training is condensed to a perfect length and remains engaging throughout. I highly recommend this video!" - Jared Coleman, San Diego Deputy District Attorney

Workplace Harassment, Avoidance and Solutions is a training video unlike any you’ve ever seen. Created by unparalleled training experts, court-approved defenders, workplace engagement experts and a 4-time Emmy-winning producer, this video is pure magic! It balances a perfect mix of humor, gravitas, sensitivity and professional intelligence to demonstrate how to avoid common and not-so-common harassment in all of its forms... gender-related, racial, religion, medical/disability, military, age, family status and so much more. It provides clear and valuable insight from anti-harassment experts in relatable workplace scenarios to help you and your employees easily understand the Dos and Don’ts of workplace harassment. View testimonials, red carpet reveal footage, trailers, bloopers and/or discover streaming licenses at the below video link. Legal experts agree: HRS court-recognized training in this new, groundbreaking video can protect companies from workplace harassment lawsuits and massive attorney fees.  


Not only will this video help your employees avoid inappropriate and possibly illegal situations, but similar efforts from the video’s developers have been recognized favorably by the courts as satisfying the legal needs for reasonable care and affirmative defense. No matter the type of workplace – business, government, sports, entertainment and so much more - this 25-minute video can help you build a magnetic high-functioning workplace, prevent lawsuits and protect you in court. States are beginning to demand employer anti-harassment training while both random audits and complaints are on the rise.  Our new training video replaces the old boring "checkbox" video and positions employers like you to proactively manage workplace harassment risk. Gannett/USA Today News. You’ve NEVER seen anti-harassment training like this!

  • Anti-Harassment Training is Now a Legal Protection MUST, Required by More and More States
  • Tackle Updated Case Law and Statutory Definitions of Unlawful Harassment, Including Newly Protected Classes
  • Our Affirmative Defense & Reasonable Care Certification Video is Masterfully Produced by 4-Time Emmy-Winner, Mark Concannon
  • Each DVD or Digital Purchase Provides a Single-Workplace License; Practitioners and Resellers - Please Contact Us for Multi-Workplace Licensing
  • Streaming, Post-Test, Live Training, Expanded/Escalated Coaching and/or Investigation/Mediation Services are Available
  • Balance Needs of C-Suite, HR, Leaders and Employees with a Streamlined 25-Minute Video
  • Customization and Cultural Integration are Available Options, Including OnScreen Introduction and Exit Messages from Your Company's CEO and/or Anti-Harassment Officer
  • The Video is an Incredibly Cost-Effective Solution
Workplace Harassment, Avoidance and Solutions DVD
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