HRS Quarterly Fast News, Winter 2009/2010

With our compliments, please enjoy the following news summary in 4 minutes or less.  We compile this for you, because you're busy! HRS Answer Desk clients have received advance legal updates ongoing. Happy 2010! 

Employers Scale Back on Extravagance for Holiday 2009...
Without Scaling Back on Team Appreciation and Positive Messages!

Employers of choice proudly treated 2009 with the respect and appreciation deserved. Waste was carefully avoided, and employees responded quite favorably.  No attentive employee "doing more for less" wants to observe fiscal waste. The Business Journal approached us for specific case studies and "on record" comments from our employer base, and employers quickly answered our call.
Employer Contributions, Press Release and Article 

Legal Compliance Alert for Employers: New Laws in Effect!

In addition to 2009 changes including ADAAA, FMLA, COBRA Subsidy, I-9, E-Verify, Lily Ledbetter and more... please note these new mandates...


The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA) immediately affects employers of 15 or more including requirement for posting. Health care plans, data collection/consideration, health risk assessments, and wellness/well-check incentives are impacted by the ruling. White Paper

COBRA Subsidy Extended:

On December 19, legislation was signed extending the eligibility period for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) premium reduction through February 28, 2010 — and the maximum period for receiving the subsidy for an additional six months. COBRA Update

HRS answer desk services are available for on call assistance with legal compliance and case studies as decision tools!

Stop the Madness:  Employees Must Work Smart AND Work Hard to Compete! 

Emerging from a recession, grabbing opportunity and surviving intense global competition, we cannot be fooled by the dangerous and misleading propaganda... "Work Smarter, Not Harder!" Statements along these lines when misinterpreted can only lead to disaster. Those already working hard find betterment in this mantra, while those needing a kick in the rear only gain de-motivation. The blueprint for success requires balance. Blog 

Ford Cars Will Read Twitter Feed... and Social Media Policies are Even More of a "Must Do!"

We cannot escape the presence of social media... and our cars shall soon remind us.  Ford CNN article.  Handled correctly, employers can realize extraordinary benefit through social media utilization, and abuse can be minimized.  Low cost positive publicity can be gained and relationships can be augmented through new powerful technology.  As always, technology comes with safety warnings.  Learn more to include upcoming social media workshops and sample policies/team training at your disposal.

HRS Showcased Again By Top-Ranked Universities

Commitment to education is a staple at HRS.  Eligible for enrollment by Master's candidates at Marquette University, HRS unveils a new 6-week accredited topics course with our collaborative design and instruction.  We welcome client participation in live case study resolution.  March finds us lecturing and moderating panel discussion on campus at Loyola University, Chicago. 

"Telling Ain't Training!"... George Liberatore Joins HRS Advisory Team

New learning survey results overwhelm us with more evidence that "hands on" training and visual demonstration far surpass the efficiency of "auditory" and speech based learning. 92% of respondents tell us to forget seminars and stick with a trilogy approach including participative workshops, kinesthetic and video training. HRS proudly welcomes George Liberatore, President of Midland Video Productions, to the advisory team with availability to assist employers create in-house training to safeguard costs and learning outcomes. Visit George's bio and work product

HRS DC and Miami Discover Expansion

With continued hubs in Wisconsin and Arizona, we've added new flex locations worldwide to add client convenience and access while maintaining fussy control of our service quality consistency. Expanded technology and client-site delivery remain at the forefront of our commitment to delivery excellence. The HRSAC now offers online access for several of our validated instruments, although our in person deliveries are still a huge favorite with rare feedback and narrative deliverables. Ask us why!