Talent Acquisition



The Success of Our Assessment Center Says it All!

Positioned on the HRSAC Assessment Center and our 30-year relationship with the evolving employee community, HRS gets the right people doing the right things. Employers of choice have called upon HRS for thirty years as an outsource expert in custom crafted assessment implementations. If the right people are not in place, the rest unravels. A few of our management solutions follow.

• Program Design, Strategic Planning & Scalable Partnership Assistance

• Validated Job-Related Situational Exercises, In Baskets, Group Tasks, Role Plays & Job Simulations

• Behavioral, Competency & Interest Based Interview Formats with Multi-Rater Feedback

• Measurement of Potential & Acquired Skills; Assessment of Trainability

• Expert 3rd Party Objectivity with Current Knowledge of Everchanging Marketplace

• Candidate Background Investigations to Include Employment References, Academic Verifications, Criminal Check within Legal Compliance, Social Media Investigations, Driver Records & Fiduciary Checks

• Unsurpassed Results in Employee Retention & Productivity Maximization through Pinpointed Validated Match

• Online, Client Site & Global Assessment Deliveries are Offered 


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