HRS Fast News, 3rd Quarter 2009

HRS Quarterly Fast News

With our compliments, please enjoy the following news summary in 4 minutes or less.  We compile this for you, because you're busy! Please reply with feedback or to change subscription status/contact info.

Motivating Employees in Challenging Times

At long last it's great to hear of positive economic indicators and promise of rebound, as it's already been an exhausting year for leaders and employees alike. Workplace morale and motivation are challenged at all levels, and employers can get it back! We recently collaborated with other flagship employers of choice in a feature piece from The Business Journal. View "Keeping Morale High Will Pay Off Now & Later."  Also consider onsite HRS workshops for your leaders on the front line of these very real challenges!

Identifying, Creating & Sustaining Motivation:  HRS Sponsors New Workshop Series and You Are Invited!

Dedicated to research and education regarding the volatility and sustainability of morale and motivation, HRS proudly announces the launch of a new participative workshop series for our clients and news subscribers. Kickoff October 28, 2009! Motivation is just the first of powerful discussion topics! Details and registration for October and upcoming workshops.

"Telling Ain't Training!"... Especially NOW as We Need Employees to Learn Fast

New learning survey results overwhelm us with more evidence that "hands on" training and visual demonstration far surpass the efficiency of "auditory" and speech based learning.  92% of respondents tell us to forget seminars and stick with participative workshops. The highest quality academic institutions rest heavily on education via homework, independent study, group activity and simulation. Survey results and video blog. Watch for announcements regarding our pending projects with Marquette University, supporting educational excellence.

Legal Compliance Alert for Employers: New Laws in Effect!

In addition to 2009 changes including ADAAA, Federal FMLA, COBRA Subsidy, I-9, Lily Ledbetter and more as announced earlier this year... please note these new mandates...

E-Verify Mandatory for Federal Contractors & Subcontractors:

With our Arizona clients already in compliance, effective September 8, 2009 federal contractors and subcontractors are newly required to use the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' E-Verify system. Gov't Link

Wisconsin FMLA Expands to Include Domestic Partners:

According to a bill signed June 29, Wisconsin employers are required to expand their FMLA policies to include domestic partners. Contact us for more info, definitions and sample policy language.

HRS answer desk services are available for on call assistance with legal compliance and case studies as decision tools!

Private Sector Control of Health Care Costs

Amidst the myth that a government-run health care system is the only means of reform, powerful information continues to surface exposing robust alternatives. For health care reform to work it must accomplish the much needed objectives of cost containment, sustainability, job creation, economic growth... and of course... access. Our esteemed advisory board member Richard Blomquist makes sense of it all, offering a roadmap to these objectives. Read Richard's newest article. 

HR/OD Roundtables Kickoff at HRS! 

Long time educators in roundtable technology with dedication to HR/OD research and strong access to the employer community, HRS is getting ready to launch new roundtables in early 2010. With consideration to preferred topics and demographic info, we'll be populating some powerful new groups for monthly or quarterly commitment at individual preference. Visit details and interest survey to gain more info on becoming a participant or future leader for this amazing new offering.


Eliminating HR in Downsize Will Supersize Employer Fiscal Risk

Wherever there is even one employee, an HR initiative is necessary. Anyone who thinks they can control when HR is needed must think again. Someone must be "minding the store" at all times. Most certainly not all competencies are needed full-time, and many initiatives are far more powerful, efficient and objective via the involvement of 3rd party experts, but HR in itself is never really part-time. If you're thinking downsize, think outsource and "on call" instead. Visit risks of noncompliance or contact us for more info.  

We Treasure Media Attention... and We Get It!

Fortunate to have already earned media recognition from the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Post, CNN and more, we offer a media page of article highlights. Finding a top spot for the 15th year in a row, HRS thanks The Business Journal's Book of Lists for another year of honor in metro-Milwaukee plus upcoming spot in the next Phoenix release! Catch the Biztimes "Coffee Break" with our CEO as well as our upcoming article discussing employer "must do's" for well workplace strategies and Swine Flu panic prevention. 

New HRS Locations Plus Expanded Virtual Delivery Options

With continued hubs in Wisconsin and Arizona, we've added new flex locations worldwide to add client convenience and access while maintaining fussy control of our service quality consistency. Expanded technology and client-site delivery remain at the forefront of our commitment to delivery excellence. The HRSAC now offers online access for several of our validated instruments, although our in person deliveries are still a huge favorite. Ask us why! 

Exceptional Services Partner

We send big thanks to Diversified Insurance ServicesPayroll Data Services and Midland Video Productions for allowing HRS the ability to partner in providing top service and informative content to their treasured clients. Please watch for upcoming contributions to/from our new partner HR Solutions International, Inc.